Empower Enhanced (6-Month)

Semi-Annual Standard Auto Policy for licensed drivers!

This program provides expanded coverage for all household members on listed vehicle(s). We would like to have all Household members on the declarations page, like all of our programs. Liability coverage does not follow the insured to a rented or borrowed vehicle. This policy provides Comprehensive and Collision. This program will also allow Foreign ID and DL’s. Any photo ID is acceptable and can be expired.

With Empower Enhanced, your policy will endorse the following…

  • Storage
  • Contractual Liability Exclusion
  • Automatic Termination
  • Restricted Out of State Coverage
  • Restricted Rented Property and Non-Owned Auto

Enhanced Program Features

  • 6 Month Program
  • 30/60/25 Limits of Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Collision & OTC Programs (No photos required)
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist 30/60/25 Limits
  • Personal Injury Protection $2500
  • In House Agency renewal Transfer Discount (minimum 6 mos POP within agency. Empower to Empower does NOT qualify)
  • Homeowner Discount (house or mobile home)
  • Full Disclosure Discount
  • EFT Discount (use credit card and checking acct)
  • 6 month, 12 month & 24 month Prior Discount (Empower POP can be used)
  • SR-22 (can be any driver on policy, for state of TX only)
  • Rental & Towing (Reimbursement Only)
  • Current Texas Driver’s License (suspended ok w/ SR-22 filing)
  • Valid Out of State Driver’s License (no surcharge/no need to change within 30 days)
  • Foreign DL, Matricula, Non-USA Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Voters Card, Work Visa
  • Expired Driver’s License (no need to renew)
  • Any US ID Card current or expired (pick TX ID)

Empowering Choices