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We Appreciate You

The world has been on a roller coaster of emotions the past few days and our great state was found unbuckled in the front seat. Last Thursday night marked the deadliest assault on police since 9/11 in which 5 cops were shot dead and 11 were injured in Dallas. This tragedy left most of us scared, confused and frustrated – especially since it hit so close to home.

At a press conference earlier today, Dallas Police Chief David Brown, was quoted saying, “This is a thankless job… it’s sort of like being in a relationship where you love that person, but that person can’t express or show you love back.”

Well Chief Brown, we’re here to say thank you. Not only to you, but also to all of the brave and dedicated police officers in our state who aren’t appreciated enough. Thank you for shielding the peaceful protestors from gunfire and leading our citizens to safety in a catastrophic situation. Thank you for loving and protecting us when we don’t support or respect you. Thank you for being there when we need you the most.

It’s terrible that it took such a heinous tragedy to make us finally appreciate your service and say, “Thank You”, but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before finally waking up. Together we will stand with you and help heal this city and this country, which will surely one day be stronger than ever before. We should all find ways to pay it forward to show our appreciation for our local police officers. Whether that means giving them a hug, a high-five or even a simple “Thank You” – a token of gratitude goes a long way.

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