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Know Your Rights as a Renter

Are you looking to rent? When it comes to houses or an apartment there are a couple of things that may not come to mind when you sign your lease. Here are 4 rights you have as a renter.

Know your rights- As a renter, you have rights just as much as the landlord. Make sure you have a written agreement. Although an oral agreement may seem easier, there is nothing to reference later in case of a conflict. Here are a couple of laws to know when renting that protect you.

  1. The Peace and Quiet law gives you the right to “quiet enjoyment” meaning the landlord cannot evict without cause and disturb your right to live in peace and quiet.

  2. Health and Safety law, gives you the right to demand any repairs that affect your health and safety. The landlord guarantees that the unit will be suitable for living. Under certain conditions made in your lease agreement may determine what you will have to take off. (Another reason you need a written agreement)

  3. Security law provides you with the basic security devices such as dead bolts, key latches, window lock latched, sliding door pins, and door views. If they are not provided this is expense your landlord needs to take care.

If you have problems with your landlord and cannot get the issue resolved here are a few steps you can take.

  1. Terminate the lease

  2. File a lawsuit for the repairs (small claims or contact the Better Business Bureau)

  3. Have the issue repaired and deducted from the rent

Don’t forget to add Renters Insurance to your policy. It’s the cheapest insurance you will buy, and your covered for loss and damages!

Knowing your rights as a renter gives you an advantage prior to getting in a costly and toxic situation with your landlord. These rights are here to protect you. As a renter you have a responsibility to the property owner as well. Make sure your terms are written down and both parties are aware of all the amendments.

To get a full list of tenant rights and breakdowns click here.

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