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Insurance Agents in the Movies

Many great films are coming out this summer that will surely entertain us and capture our imaginations with vigorous wonder. There will be a bounty of reboots, super hero movies and sequels. However, out of all of movies coming out this summer, we noticed that there isn’t one film that’s about the insurance business or features an insurance agent. Since the Summer movie season is about to kick off, we decided to recognize our most beloved insurance agents that have ever graced the silver screen.

Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles) – We all know Mr. Incredible as the powerful crime-fighting leader of his super clan, The Incredibles. However, behind the scenes he’s a claims adjuster who secretly helps his clients to get their claims paid on time.

Truman Burbank (The Truman Show) – Truman Burbank’s entire life was a reality show in an artificial world…and he didn’t event know it. Yet, he served as a mild mannered insurance agent in his every day life in which he sold fake insurance and provided fake quotes to actors that populated his reality-skewed world.

Ned Ryerson (Groundhog Day) -As Phil Conners (Bill Murray) relives February 2nd over and over again, he constantly runs into Ned Ryerson, who relentlessly tries to sell him insurance. No matter how many times Phil says “No,” Ned never gives up on his never ending quest to help Phil choose the right insurance coverage. We salute you, Needle Nose Ned. Bing!

Walter Neff (Double Indemnity) – In this classic film noir, Walter Neff is a very successful insurance salesman who gets mixed up in an illegal get-rich-quick scheme that turns his world upside down. He pairs with an alluring housewife to make the murder of her husband look accidental in order to generate a “double indemnity” clause that will pay out twice the amount of the policy’s stated value. Although the film displayed dark twisted themes, it went on to define the thriller genre and garnered 7 Oscar nominations. Note:  We do not endorse or recommend any killer-for-hire programs! 

Tim Lippe (Cedar Rapids) – This cult comedy focuses on an annual insurance convention, where agents attend to cut loose and have a wild time instead of doing their designated business. Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) is the agent at the center of this madness and we follow him on a crazy weekend where he learns about corporate corruption and the real world.

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