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Are You Covered Enough?

Are you covered… Enough? Did you know that big life changes such as having a baby, getting married, buying a new home or sending a child off to college may require you to adjust the amount of coverage you need?

Milestones are meant to be celebrated and are an exciting time in life. However, how would you like to find out that life’s most amazing moments could leave your household without the proper coverage? Having a gap in your coverage should never happen. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test-drive right. The same thing should be said about speaking with your  Insurance Agent before an important change.

Adding a bedroom onto the house may mean it’s time to re-evaluate your home owner’s policy to keep it up to date with the square footage. Or moving your college driver to another “garage,” is a sign it’s time to chat with your agent to determine coverage for a driver that is no longer living in your home.

Don’t let yourself get caught without the assurance your family is protected. Bring on all the major good-feeling moment’s life has to give and speak with your agent to review your policy.

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