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6 Summer Recipes to Try Tonight

Summer nights are nothing shy of perfect in Texas. But one thing that makes any evening better is FOOD! Where are the foodies?? We have gathered 6 summer recipes that you and your gang have to whip up tonight. There is the kabob, the crockpot, the grill and we couldn’t forget the banana split on a stick!! Check out all the food goodness and let us know what you’re going to try.

Smokes Sausage and Veggie Kabobs – Um, how delicious do these look?! This super easy kabob is perfect to toss on the grill and requires very little prep and ingredients. All you need is a package of Hillshire sausage, a red bell pepper, a few zucchini and squash and throw in a chopped onion and your set. These won’t disappoint anyone with an eager appetite.

Foil Wrapped Chicken and Veggies – Who would have thought to throw all the ingredients in some foil, wrap it up and grill? That genius! Season your chicken and your favorite veggies, add some oil, wrap everything up in foil and throw it on the grill. Wait about 15 minutes and open up the flavor-filled wrap and dig in! And there aren’t any dishes required- now that’s a plus!

Fireside Pizza – Let your whole family get in on the cooking tonight. These pizzas are a fun dinner idea that everyone is sure to love. Pre-make your dough (if you got that kind of time) or pick some up along with the other must have pizza ingredients and get to making! Let the gang spread their sauce, sprinkle the cheese and choose their own toppings and toss it on the grill for the perfect fireside pie.

Campfire Nachos – Who doesn’t love a compilation of Texas-style nachos? Now let’s take it outside. Campfire Nachos are an excellent end cap to a summer evening.  Follow the recipe to this heavenly mess and indulge! The quick dinner will have everyone excited to sit outside, grab a fork and dig in.

BLT Pasta Salad – There must be a salad on the list! Well, does pasta salad count? I tried to be somewhat healthy, but this salad looked better than any of the rest (hmm, I wonder why). This simple 20-minute salad is creamy, dreamy and just begging to be your dinner! This recipe mixes some the best ingredients to give you the easiest and most tasteful “salad” the whole bunch will be excited to devour!

Banana Split Bites – Can’t forget about dessert! These little treats just scream summer. Grab the usual banana split ingredients minus the ice cream and get to making. Chilled fruit is an extra bonus and makes this treat a little more refreshing on a warm summer day. The chocolate coating and nuts take this banana split bite to the next level. Get the full recipe here.

Enjoy one or all of these recipes and let us know which one was your favorite!

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