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5 Ways to Make Your Used Car Feel New

Buying a new car can be exciting, but a lot of the time it’s not necessarily the best economic decision. On the other hand, buying a used car can save you a lot of money and still provide the transportation that you need.

Here are five cheap ways you can make your used car feel new!

Upgrade the Stereo – Who doesn’t love to jam out in a new ride? Upgrading your stereo and speaker system will not only improve your dashboard, it will also help impress your passengers. Having a quality sound system is essential to making your car fun and savvy.

Wash it Down- There’s no better way to improve your car’s appearance than to give it a good clean bath. Cover it with soap and water and start scrubbing every inch of your vehicle (remember to use elbow grease!) If you notice any scratches or dents you can take it into an auto repair shop to pop it out or apply a fresh coat of paint to help make it shine.

Fix up the Interior – Even though you have a used car, there’s ways to acquire that fresh new car smell. Throw out any garbage, dust off the dashboard and vacuum the seats to help make your interior presentable and comfortable. Install an air freshener and apply some seat covers and your used car will feel good as new!

Replace the Wheels – A fresh set of wheels can definitely help fool people into thinking that you just bought a brand new car. Wheels usually cost about $100 a pop, so you really are saving money in the long run. Plus they’re important in improving your fuel economy and giving you a smoother ride.

Scrub the Windows – Check the windows and mirrors to see if there’s any cracks or smudge marks. If so, you can either use some cleaning products to buff out the blemishes and take them in to get the cracks replaced. Grab some window shine and make those panes sparkle!

Before you plan on buying a used car, make sure that you’re covered. Give us at call to make sure that your auto insurance policy is update to date and you’ve got the best rate and coverage possible!

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