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5 Tornado Preparation Safety Tips

Many cities in Texas experience a significant number of Tornados warnings every single year. Although a majority of these are false alarms, it’s always a tense and distressing period. People tend to handle this situation differently, and some are even unprepared for the chance of the impending threat. Because of this, we’re showcasing the top 5 tornado preparation safety tips! Enjoy!

Home Preparation – If you happen to be at home during a tornado watch, it’s important to move away from any windows or breakable objects that could cause harm. Have a designated safe room, such as a closet in the middle of the house, a basement, or a bathroom where you can safely wait out the warning. Always keep a radio or television handy so that you’re updated on the status of the weather.

Road Preparation – If you’re out driving during a tornado watch, it’s important that you do not stay in your car under any circumstance. Pull over and find a building, bridge or shelter where you can stay until the storm dies down. If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, find a ditch and lie down with your head covered so that you can protect yourself from any flying debris.

Know the Signs – Being aware of the signs of a tornado can be extremely beneficial in preparing and protecting yourself. Some of the signs to look for are a dark greenish sky, low dark hanging cloud base, loud roaring sounds, hail and any other debris flying around. If you see any of these signs, make sure you get to shelter immediately and take the necessary steps to endure the storm.

Assemble a Safety Kit – It’s smart to have a safety kit for both your home and car just in case you need supplies during the storm. This should include First aid items, flashlights, food and water, thick blankets, signal flares and tools in case you need to dig out of debris. Keep this kit in an accessible location so that you can easily grab it quickly. Time is precious in these situations, so you need to be ready for anything!

Outdoor Preparation -To tornado proof your home, make sure to remove any dangling tree limbs and any other potential hazards that can cause damage or injury. If you’re caught outside during a warning, stay away from any cars, trees or anything else that can fall on top of you. Find a ditch or a low point in the ground and lie there with your head covered until the storm passes.

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