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5 College Survival Tips

We’ve officially closed the books on another successful summer vacation and it’s time to head back to our studies. Today is the first day of school, which means college freshman all over the state are embarking on the next chapter of their young lives. It can be a very stressful time adjusting to this new lifestyle and balancing all of your new responsibilities, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you survive your first year of college!

Go to Class! – It’s very easy to take advantage of this newfound freedom by sleeping in or playing hooky, but it can also come back and haunt you. If you’re looking to stay in school by next spring, you better make sure that you’re attending all of your classes and turning in every assignment. Put aside time every night to focus on your studies and you will surely succeed in your courses.

Join a Club – College is all about making new friendships that will last the rest of your life. It’s important to venture out of your dorm room and explore all of the different social opportunities provided to you. Be smart with the company you keep and make sure that you can trust your new acquaintances.

Stay in Shape – Everyone has heard of the Freshman 15 and it’s recommended that you try to avoid obtaining it. Having a meal plan and endless amount of dining options can lead to the temptation of unhealthy over eating, so keep your meals in check. Almost every college campus has a free fitness center available as well, so attend during your free time to help reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keep up with Chores – Doing your laundry and keeping your dorm room tidy may be foreign undertakings for most, but it’s all part of growing up and becoming a young responsible adult. Staying on top of your chores will help keep you productive and disciplined during the week. Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh pair of clean underwear?

Get enough Sleep – Sleep is probably one of the essential keys to success and happiness in college. If you stay up all night studying or hanging out with your friends, it can heavily negatively affect your performance inside and outside of the classroom. Managing a feasible sleep schedule during the week will ultimately make you healthier physically and mentally.

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