Insureds Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Empower Notice to Insureds Affected by Hurricane Harvey

The Texas Department of Insurance released Bulletin #B-0008-17 which reads:

“TDI encourages carriers to provide relief to those policyholders in counties covered in the governor's proclamations, including the suspension of premium payments to allow continuing insurance coverage. In conjunction with this effort and in accordance with the governor's proclamations, TDI will work with carriers to minimize the regulatory effects of a carrier's suspension of premium payments, specifically in regard to financial review requirements. The term "suspension" is not intended to mean the forgiveness of the premium. Carriers are encouraged to work with policyholders in the collection of premiums, including payment plans.”

Empower Insurance MGA is providing a path to continuation of coverage for our insureds. An insured may request a continuation of coverage if all of the following are met:

  • The insured purchased a policy prior to August 26, 2017
  • The insured resided in one of the counties affected by Hurricane Harvey
  • The insured is in an adverse financial position because of an effect of the storm and advises Empower of the issue.

This is not a release from the payment of premium, but Empower will move the due date to the first of October. The insured must note, that by moving the due date the amount owed will be distributed over the remaining payments for the policy period. There is no rebating of premium.

An insured that meets the above may also request a cancelled or expired policy to be reinstated within a 35 day period from August 26, 2017. This must be a policy that cancelled or expired after August 26, 2017. The premium to reinstate will be moved to the first of October 2017.

Moving the due date or reinstatement for those affected by Harvey must be by insured request. Empower must speak to the insured, not the agent, to fulfill one of these requests. Empower will not assume an insured wanted a policy to remain in force.

Insureds may call 1-877-437-5010 for service Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm